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About us

We are change makers and visionaries, who are passionate about having a real world impact. Through a combination of vision, dedication, strategic thinking, and collaboration, we start first with transforming your business.


We are a team of strategists, analysts, architects, engineers...and more. Strategically located in London and New York City, and with a pulse in APAC and the Middle East, our team can support you in having a real world impact too. 

Our Mission


​Shapes + Numbers is a data and AI consultancy that’s in business

to inspire and empower clients to transform, innovate and grow

by combining strategy with data and technology.

Our Approach


We think like strategists, and execute like technologists, using data as our not-so-secret ingredient. Uniquely positioned and well-versed on both business and technology, we bring together a single philosophy…that also proves all good things come in threes:


Strategy + Technology + Data =

Business Value Realisation


These elements need to work hand in hand to get the best outcome, so our approach is always holistic looking at the full picture and your end-to-end operations. Multidisciplinary and integrated teams and individuals will ensure you are set up for success.


You wonder what you can do with the data you own or manage? You get FOMO when you see others leverage data and AI? You want to be different and ahead of your competition? Your setup is not quite there yet? You panic at the idea of taking a stab at it?


We do believe every client is unique and different. Hence, our work begins with a sound and fit for purpose strategy, reflecting your needs… then solutions fall into place.


We don’t provide any boilerplate or  scripted answers, only what works for you! While we consider tried & effective best practices across multiple industries, we work with you to get you the most bang for your buck.


Though the Big Bang accounts for the creation of the universe, we don’t think it is the right approach for delivery in our case. Investing in a new  direction, strategy, data initiatives or any new piece of technology shouldn’t be a cumbersome never-ending process.


We test our strategies and hypotheses and we course-correct, if necessary. Being agile by choice and nature, we deliver value and show tangible results from the beginning of our engagement… in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years.


We want our clients to feel empowered and happy at every step of the journey

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Nikolaos Lampropoulos CEO conference presenter
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